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I know I am not really telling my story in a chronological order, but that’s because I try to find a compromise between telling the story step by step and keeping the posts focused on one topic to make it a bit more interesting. So I hope you are not too confused when I start talking about August again today.

The end of August was probably one of the most exciting times Jase and I have shared so far. As I told you before, he started sending me short voice recordings on msn that I liked very much. The first time he did that I kinda joked about whether he was trying to make me talk too. He admitted he was but he would also wait if he had to. I am a shy person sometimes so I was quite glad about that because I felt really unsure about my English still and I was terribly worried I might have a real German accent (that I hate).

I don’t recall what drove me this one night but on the 25th of August at about 2 o’clock in the morning I decided to gather all my courage and call him for a bit before I went to bed. (more…)

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I said I lied when I told you about how I saw Jase for the first time properly on his facebook photos. So here’s why.

In August we had a conversation and he said something that made me kinda sad. And when I told him so he only said to me that I shouldn’t be sad and should rather give him a smile. I don’t quite know why I did what I did then, but I decided to just quickly take a photo with my webcam of me smiling and send it to him. His reaction was so cute, and I loved it so much that I spontaneously decided to send him a photo everyday. Not only photos of me, but just pictures of things I like, stuff I found funny or that reminded me of something in my past. Basically I decided to share my life with a person I knew for not even 4 weeks really. (more…)

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So being an university student I was on semester break during august and september and, as I also didn’t have exams to study for last summer, I spent quite a lot of the time with Jase. It got so far that I usually got up at 2pm and Jase usually was still awake so I spent his night with him until he fell asleep at around 8pm; then I could do some things I needed to do, like cooking dinner, doing the laundry and the dishes, you know, the things you have to do far more often than you’d like to do them. And then I waited until he came online again and he spent my night with me until I fell asleep at around 6am. I know it might not sound too good but for me it turned into a comfortable rhythm for those two months.

Now people who read my first enty will probably remember that I said something about having a boyfriend. (more…)

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