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Here I go again! I am still around and currently very excited. On the 30th of July I will be leaving Europe for the very first time. I booked my flight to Auckland, NZ about 7 weeks ago and I still can’t really believe I’m actually doing it. It will be the second time Jase and I meet and I will be staying with him for about 9 ½ weeks.


I finally finished most of my uni stuff for this semester, so now I have some time to talk to you about my feelings about this trip. While I’m really looking forward to seeing my boyfriend, and finally seeing a country I’ve wanted to visit for quite a while now, and going to the beach and eating fresh fish and all that (I live about 500km away from the sea), I’m also quite a chicken when it comes to new situations of any kind. And this vacation is the mother of all new situations.


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Phew. This post took me some time to finish. I wrote it a while ago during a period where I hardly ate or slept and I hope you excuse the delay. It was meant to be online sooner. The next two posts will be short ones, just showing off some more photos of the things we did while he was here with me and then I will be back to writing some more and telling you about our newest plans!

So, I haven’t slept in 31 hours, due to some stress in my personal life, which is also why I haven’t blogged in a while (even though I meant to for two weeks now). And I figured before I actually pass out now at 7pm and wake up in the middle of the night again, I might as well use my time and write a blog entry for you. I know you have been waiting. (more…)

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Now, finally, like I promised, I am going to continue my story. So where were we? Jase arrived at the airport and I went to pick him up (of course)!

The first few days of Jase’s stay here really just went by in a blur. We came home and almost went straight to sleep, as he was really jet lagged and even just a week later I couldn’t remember much of what happened in that time. What I do remember is that I spent almost the entire first night with my arms wrapped around him. (more…)

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Okay, I will post this exact note on both my blogs to let you know I’m still alive.

I had an amazing time with Jase here, but sadly he had to go back to New Zealand last Thursday. But now I do have to get all of you up to date with what happened and I really hope you’re still interested. There will be some photos, a wedding, a palace, a strange anniversary gift and lots more!

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