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I’m sorry I kept you waiting for so long, I have been studying for an exam.

In contrast to the absolutely lovely weather outside (about 24°C) I will be writing about winter today.

I knew it was Jase’s birthday in the first week of December so I started planning what I wanted to give him in September already. Also I had to figure out what exactly I had to do when sending a parcel overseas which resulted in several visits to the post office (three in total I think). I found out that I had to write a detailed list of what I was sending and put it on the outside for the customs officials to see. This of course totally crossed my plans of surprising Jase with the gifts so I had to ask him to tell his mum to remove that list before she gave the parcel to him. This fortunately worked. (more…)

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Some of you might have already seen my post in the pageview forum and know that I recently hit the 1000 pageviews mark. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts on the matter. I never thought so many people would actually be interested in what I write about.

Now, I have about 23 subscribers that WP shows me in my list of active subscribers and some people are in this list twice because they own two blogs. And also I know I might have subscribers that are not on that list because they subscribed via email or RSS feed. So what I’d like you to do is, after you read this, post a comment underneath this entry and tell me your form of subscription, I’m curious. Also, just for the fun of it leave a fun fact about you :).

Fun fact about me: I’d like to have a pet tarantula (Jase is freaked out by this ^^).

Thank you again for reading, you are keeping me motivated!

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So this is Jase‘s turn now. As I promised I didn’t change a thing except some spelling mistakes and splitting one really long sentence in half. Enjoy!

Well, I guess it’s my turn now, it’s Jase here, the boyfriend. This is quite exciting for me. I get to write about Kar! The things I love about Kar are things that make me laugh and smile, small things that she does without thinking. (more…)

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I’ve been writing for two and a half months now and I realised I never really told you who Jase and I are. I mentioned this to him and he suggested to split that entry up and that I should write about him and he would write a post about me. This means you will get to read a bit of his side of the story as well which should be really interesting. I still don’t know what he’s going to write so I’m really curious myself and I promise I won’t change a thing about his text except for spelling and grammar mistakes. He proofreads my texts too after all. (more…)

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