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On saturday evening, just as I was about to leave the house to go out, I noticed my page views were increasing more than usual and people kept commenting and subscribing. Of course I went to find out what happened and found that the wonderful Eleanor (A life bewhiskered) had given me an award. Now I don’t know much about blogging yet (I’m even worried if I’ll be able to include a picture to this entry) but getting an award with only two meaningful blog posts does seem like quite an achievement to me. So thank you again Eleanor, you helped me so much with this.

And now to the conditions that come with this award. I have to share 7 facts about myself that you hopefully don’t know yet. And also I have to choose 7 people to pass this award on to and of course link them in this post.

Facts about me:

  • My flat is quite a messy place. It is not dirty, but I like having small bits of paper on my desk that I can write on or books everywhere and currently my dining table is full with stuff from uni. Things like that. I need some sort of chaos or I don’t feel comfortable.
  • I love cats! We had cats at home since I was two years old. Unfortunately I cannot keep a cat in the flat I live in because I couldn’t let it out. The house I live in is right beside the main street.
  • After school I worked as a volunteer in a bird sanctuary. I had a great time there and learned so much about birds and also it helped me decide what to study. I’m studying biology!
  • Except for a few trips that went just across the border and two excursions to the north of Italy and London when I was in school, I never really left the country.
  • I own four albums of The Kelly Family and I still love them.
  • When I was still in school I was a member of the english drama group and there was I time I loved the english language so much that I dreamt in english.
  • And last but not least my love for books. Especially old books. Fortunately the town I study in has a lot of second-hand bookshops that sell beautiful books quite cheap sometimes. The book I am most proud of is an edition of the Decameron by Boccaccio that is over 100 years old.

Now to the new award winners:

I had a bit of a hard time to find enough people for this. Because I didn’t want to support really huge blogs that already have a lot of readers and also I want you to have some interesting blogs to read. Here’s what I found:

Originaladdress. This blog belongs to a young man from Israel who started blogging about the same time as I did and he was one of my first subscribers. So far he only wrote two entries but I really enjoyed reading them.

Bandsmoke’s Blog. I selected this one from my comments as a representative for all the people who commented on my blog so far. It is quite philosophical but I get in philosophical moods sometimes so I liked reading it.

Crapwife. I still don’t know whether to take this seriously or not but it sure is funny to read.

Driving off the beaten path. This is a blog I found while searching for other people blogging about physical disabilities. It is written by Ryan Lythall a stand-up comedian from Canada who is bound to a wheelchair.

P.O.R.N. A lot of people might know her already. But I just had to give an award to her. No matter how bad my day was her blog makes me smile.

Unga bunga girl. A poetry blog I found in the forum a while ago. Go check her out. I’d recommend “Ain’t no Aphrodite” a strange but really good poem.

This little thing called life. Quite a satirical blog and also one of the more popular ones on this list.

Now I’d like to thank every one of my subscribers, active or not for reading and I hope you enjoy the blogs I selected and go take a look at them.

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I wasn’t too shocked about it, cause, as I said before, it took him a bit to get to the point so I already knew he was physically disabled, but I didnt know what exactly was “wrong” with him. This part of the very long conversation we had that day roughly went like this:

Jase: I have something to tell you.
K: Hmm? (more…)

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The appearance I chose when I signed up and posted my first entry was way too dark and depressive for my topic. I am writing about love after all! I think I picked it because I do like dark themes (check my twitter ^^) and it was in the middle of the night so I just wanted to get done with it and go to bed.

Now I have a new one and it fits the topic perfectly! A big Thank You goes to D. Kraner, a photographer from Switzerland, who allowed me to use his picture called “heart kiwi” as my header image. If you’re into photography you should definitely check his page out!

A new blog entry about my reaction will be up next friday.

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Yesterday was the weirdest day of my life so far. Because yesterday the man that might quite probably be the love of my life bought a flight ticket to come and see me for the first time.

But let me tell you the whole story. (more…)

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