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Phew. This post took me some time to finish. I wrote it a while ago during a period where I hardly ate or slept and I hope you excuse the delay. It was meant to be online sooner. The next two posts will be short ones, just showing off some more photos of the things we did while he was here with me and then I will be back to writing some more and telling you about our newest plans!

So, I haven’t slept in 31 hours, due to some stress in my personal life, which is also why I haven’t blogged in a while (even though I meant to for two weeks now). And I figured before I actually pass out now at 7pm and wake up in the middle of the night again, I might as well use my time and write a blog entry for you. I know you have been waiting. (more…)

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I know I kept you waiting far too long and I apologize for that. But in this case no news was good news, because I’ve really been enjoying the time with Jase so far. Now I know you’re all terribly curious, so let me tell you what happened the last few weeks.


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I’m sorry I kept you waiting for so long, I have been studying for an exam.

In contrast to the absolutely lovely weather outside (about 24°C) I will be writing about winter today.

I knew it was Jase’s birthday in the first week of December so I started planning what I wanted to give him in September already. Also I had to figure out what exactly I had to do when sending a parcel overseas which resulted in several visits to the post office (three in total I think). I found out that I had to write a detailed list of what I was sending and put it on the outside for the customs officials to see. This of course totally crossed my plans of surprising Jase with the gifts so I had to ask him to tell his mum to remove that list before she gave the parcel to him. This fortunately worked. (more…)

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I said I lied when I told you about how I saw Jase for the first time properly on his facebook photos. So here’s why.

In August we had a conversation and he said something that made me kinda sad. And when I told him so he only said to me that I shouldn’t be sad and should rather give him a smile. I don’t quite know why I did what I did then, but I decided to just quickly take a photo with my webcam of me smiling and send it to him. His reaction was so cute, and I loved it so much that I spontaneously decided to send him a photo everyday. Not only photos of me, but just pictures of things I like, stuff I found funny or that reminded me of something in my past. Basically I decided to share my life with a person I knew for not even 4 weeks really. (more…)

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