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I got an email from WP yesterday telling me that their monkeys had been busy counting all my pageviews and putting together a little summary of my blog for me. Now sadly, for some reason, I accidentally deleted said email. Therefore – and because it is just so much cooler to do that myself – I decided to bring to you:

My Very Own Blog Stats (please beware of random facts as well as shameless self-advertising) (more…)

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Happy New Year!

I am writing this in the very last minutes of the year 2011 (for me at least). First of all I want to thank all of you for putting up with me being lazy! I am still around, don’t worry! 2011 was a very special year for me, mostly because of Jase, but you people here were also an important part of it. Thank you.

I wish every one of you a very happy new year. May 2012 be at least as good as 2011 and hopefully better!

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