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So, while having this long distance relationship (LDR) with Jase I felt that, instead of drifting apart – which was what I expected at first – we were actually getting closer and closer everyday. Here is my attempt to figure out why. (more…)


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With the days melting away now (29 days) I decided to try and blog more frequently but write smaller posts. This one is about that one thing that still kind of worries me about meeting Jase: having expectations. (more…)

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Some of you might have already seen my post in the pageview forum and know that I recently hit the 1000 pageviews mark. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts on the matter. I never thought so many people would actually be interested in what I write about.

Now, I have about 23 subscribers that WP shows me in my list of active subscribers and some people are in this list twice because they own two blogs. And also I know I might have subscribers that are not on that list because they subscribed via email or RSS feed. So what I’d like you to do is, after you read this, post a comment underneath this entry and tell me your form of subscription, I’m curious. Also, just for the fun of it leave a fun fact about you :).

Fun fact about me: I’d like to have a pet tarantula (Jase is freaked out by this ^^).

Thank you again for reading, you are keeping me motivated!

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I know I am not really telling my story in a chronological order, but that’s because I try to find a compromise between telling the story step by step and keeping the posts focused on one topic to make it a bit more interesting. So I hope you are not too confused when I start talking about August again today.

The end of August was probably one of the most exciting times Jase and I have shared so far. As I told you before, he started sending me short voice recordings on msn that I liked very much. The first time he did that I kinda joked about whether he was trying to make me talk too. He admitted he was but he would also wait if he had to. I am a shy person sometimes so I was quite glad about that because I felt really unsure about my English still and I was terribly worried I might have a real German accent (that I hate).

I don’t recall what drove me this one night but on the 25th of August at about 2 o’clock in the morning I decided to gather all my courage and call him for a bit before I went to bed. (more…)

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I said I lied when I told you about how I saw Jase for the first time properly on his facebook photos. So here’s why.

In August we had a conversation and he said something that made me kinda sad. And when I told him so he only said to me that I shouldn’t be sad and should rather give him a smile. I don’t quite know why I did what I did then, but I decided to just quickly take a photo with my webcam of me smiling and send it to him. His reaction was so cute, and I loved it so much that I spontaneously decided to send him a photo everyday. Not only photos of me, but just pictures of things I like, stuff I found funny or that reminded me of something in my past. Basically I decided to share my life with a person I knew for not even 4 weeks really. (more…)

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I wasn’t too shocked about it, cause, as I said before, it took him a bit to get to the point so I already knew he was physically disabled, but I didnt know what exactly was “wrong” with him. This part of the very long conversation we had that day roughly went like this:

Jase: I have something to tell you.
K: Hmm? (more…)

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Yesterday was the weirdest day of my life so far. Because yesterday the man that might quite probably be the love of my life bought a flight ticket to come and see me for the first time.

But let me tell you the whole story. (more…)

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