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…as I go to bed tonight: “Oh my God, I can’t believe I am actually doing this!!”


Soooo excited. My plane leaves in 24 hours. I’ll keep you updated.

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Here I go again! I am still around and currently very excited. On the 30th of July I will be leaving Europe for the very first time. I booked my flight to Auckland, NZ about 7 weeks ago and I still can’t really believe I’m actually doing it. It will be the second time Jase and I meet and I will be staying with him for about 9 ½ weeks.


I finally finished most of my uni stuff for this semester, so now I have some time to talk to you about my feelings about this trip. While I’m really looking forward to seeing my boyfriend, and finally seeing a country I’ve wanted to visit for quite a while now, and going to the beach and eating fresh fish and all that (I live about 500km away from the sea), I’m also quite a chicken when it comes to new situations of any kind. And this vacation is the mother of all new situations.


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Okay, I will post this exact note on both my blogs to let you know I’m still alive.

I had an amazing time with Jase here, but sadly he had to go back to New Zealand last Thursday. But now I do have to get all of you up to date with what happened and I really hope you’re still interested. There will be some photos, a wedding, a palace, a strange anniversary gift and lots more!

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A new proper blog post will be up soon. Right now Jase and I are just enjoying our first few days together, so I didn’t get to write anything so far. I just wanted to let you know that we’re fine and happy.

Hopefully I’ll get back to writing tomorrow, so watch out for a new post (and maybe some photos).


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