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Here I go again! I am still around and currently very excited. On the 30th of July I will be leaving Europe for the very first time. I booked my flight to Auckland, NZ about 7 weeks ago and I still can’t really believe I’m actually doing it. It will be the second time Jase and I meet and I will be staying with him for about 9 ½ weeks.


I finally finished most of my uni stuff for this semester, so now I have some time to talk to you about my feelings about this trip. While I’m really looking forward to seeing my boyfriend, and finally seeing a country I’ve wanted to visit for quite a while now, and going to the beach and eating fresh fish and all that (I live about 500km away from the sea), I’m also quite a chicken when it comes to new situations of any kind. And this vacation is the mother of all new situations.


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With the days melting away now (29 days) I decided to try and blog more frequently but write smaller posts. This one is about that one thing that still kind of worries me about meeting Jase: having expectations. (more…)

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I haven’t been watching the news much during the past few weeks ever since we had that ehec-bacterium going around causing panic (you can wash bacteria off, trust me people). So I didn’t really notice that there has been another volcano erupting. This time it happened in Chile and guess what: The ash cloud has been travelling halfway across the world to mess with the air traffic of Australia and New Zealand! (more…)

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